The Future of Healthcare Accessibility 

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UTIHP’s annual Health and Human Rights (HHR) Conference is a three day event that brings together professional, graduate, and undergraduate students from many different areas of study, engaging them in a dialogue about pertinent global health issues, connecting them to like-minded individuals, and empowering them to act and contribute to solutions for global health disparities at home and abroad. This year’s theme is the Future of Healthcare Accessibility.

HHRights 2021

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Now entering it's 23rd year, UTIHP's Health and Human Rights Conference brings together the brightest scholars, professors, and students of tomorrow to ask what can be done to bridge the gap between health and human rights. As the flagship event under UTIHP our mantra has always been to ‘Engage. Connect. Contribute.’ Each year we seek to create a professional forum for passionate individuals to share their ideas, voice their concerns, and most importantly, collaborate towards a better future.

University of Toronto International Health Program

The University of Toronto International Health Program (UTIHP) was founded in 1988 by a group of medical students in response to an increasing global health interest across campus, and since then has grown to become a tri-campus initiative, with members and student leaders from professional, undergraduate and graduate programs. Through its programming, UTIHP aims to promote student engagement and mentorship within the global health community both locally and globally, empowering students to contribute to meaningful solutions to problems that challenge the health of the world’s most vulnerable.


Our belief is that an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach is an essential part of this process, and we are proud to bring professional students from a variety of disciplines, including medicine, pharmacy and law, together in discussion, leadership, and mentorship to create global citizens for tomorrow. UTIHP proudly hosts a number of events focused on global health and human rights each year for the University of Toronto students. From the annual Earthtones Benefit Concert to Ontario’s only model World Health Organization (OMWHO), to our Annual Health and Human Rights Conference, UTIHP provides an arena for students to discover their passion and become tomorrow’s Global Health Leaders.


The Health and Human Rights Conference is UTIHP's flagship event, now currently running in it's 23rd year. The aim of HHR is to bridge the gap between human rights and health and find ways for scholars from different academic backgrounds to collaborate to solve pressing international health issues. Each year, the conference focuses on a different topic within global health; previous years have addressed Aboriginal health, mental health, and LGBTQ+ health. This year's topic will be focusing on healthcare accessibility.