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Details, Time and Location


Conference details and theme

Now entering its 21st year, this flagship UTIHP conference seeks to create a dialogue on the status of health and human rights in the present Fourth Industrial Revolution. Our mandate is to “Engage, Connect, and Contribute" and we do so by bringing together tomorrow’s physicians, public health professionals, pharmacists, nurses, lawyers, policy makers and NGO workers to begin working towards a better world. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as the Digital Revolution is the current era in which big data companies reign and artificial intelligence, the internet, and computing knowledge becomes an increasingly necessary element of the dialogue with respect to health and human rights.


Our conference seeks to attract delegates of various undergraduate, graduate, and professional areas in an environment designed to foster active thinking, dialogue and connection. During this one-day event, we will host talks by prominent speakers from different fields such as policy-making, healthcare, and engineering to speak about how various stakeholders can help play a part in improving our healthcare systems both locally and globally. Through workshops we hope to further develop this discourse on these various topics related to our theme; putting the tools of change in the hands of those delegates attending our conference. This year, we will also be hosting a research poster fair related to the topic of advanced tools unique to the digital age that foster dialogue on health and human rights. By doing so, we will help promote the academic activities of our student delegates to other students and career professionals attending our conference. In this way active networking, learning, and conversation will be created between our delegates. We welcome students from all backgrounds and years to participate in our conference. 



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March 09, 2018: 9:00am to 5:00pm


Bahen Centre for Information Technology 40 St George St, Toronto, ON M5S 2E4